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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology allows you to decentralize authorization processes securely and publish applications in the cloud. In addition to ensuring the immutability of the data once they are digitally signed. We are currently working on the development of our own Hybrid Blockchain designed to implement business and financial services.

Crypto Integrations

Cryptocurrencies are another derivative of blockchain technology. Some of them offer more security and stability than others, but whose common denominator is the decentralization of monetary control (although some are controlled by corporations). Integrating this technology into companies allows to increase the financing pathways or potential customers.

Machine Learning

Machine learning technology allows to generate predictive models based on data with multiple applications in the real world. From the prediction of prices in the financial environment, the prevention of fraud, to the prediction of the impact of a new product in the market or the sales of the next quarter. we are experts in the development of predictive models.

Trading Software

We are experts in the detection, verification, simulation and execution of automatic investment systems based on intraday trading and arbitrage. We develop the platforms in scalable CLOUD architectures and operate with any exchange automatically even without API services.

Apps Development

We develop and maintain custom applications for companies such as KYC platforms, web scraping (HTML & JS) for data feed, tools for Business Intelligence, recommendation systems and bonus calculation engines.

Tech Consultancy

We are experts in technology consulting. We solve technological needs quickly and efficiently, reducing implementation times and time to market. Discover how to implement the new blockchain technologies in your business processes or ideas.

Successful projects

Discover some of the projects completed by our team in the last 2 years.

Blockchain Integration

Web Services developments. Integration of Blockchain, Wallets and Exchange APIs. Crypto Management Software Development. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Design, Development and Deployment.

Blockchain Training

Training adapted to the professional profiles of companies that want to understand Blockchain Technology.

Trading Software

Verification and improvement of trading/arbitrage strategies using Machine Learning and deployment to production.

Consulting Services

Consulting for the feasibility study, planning and execution of the integration of blockchain / DLT technologies in the business process.

Marketing Plans

Design and implementation of payment plans for referrals for recommendation and direct sales companies.

Asset Tokenization

Token creation for the tokenization of physical and digital assets, utility tokens (games/services) and associate platforms.

Blockchain Technology Benefits

Data Immutability

The data is stored as part of blocks that are digitally signed with their corresponding hash eliminating the risk of fraud.

Global Consensus

The work protocol requires that 51% of the nodes validate each new block avoiding the risk of data corruption.

Private & Public Keys

The use of private and public keys allows the nodes to verify the authenticity of transactions without intermediaries.

Encrypted Data

Blockchain technology allows publishing information data that will be only accessible by the recipient.

Liquidate & Receive

Immediate liquidation of digital assets to fiat in hundreds of online and offline suppliers.

Security Tokens

Comercialization of physical assets and collection rights through secondary markets without borders in minutes

DEC 2017 Technologies Foundation

NOV 2018

Blockchain Specialist Certification

JUN 2019

Hybrid Blockchain Project's Development Starts

APR 2020*

PoC of our Hybrid Blockchain